This Cruise Ships not Stopping!


Saturday 3rd December. Several groups of Islanders gathered at various spots around the Island today  to watch the cruise ship Artemis cruise by Pitcairn on its way to Tahiti.  

The 45,000 tonne British registered P&O vessel almost circumnavigated the Island  shortly before dark today. Camera flashes could be seen through out the entire ship as passengers, mostly British, captured shots of the Island as they cruised by.

This is the first cruise ship to have made a schedule cruise by of Pitcairn without stopping. 

Pitcairn Islanders rely  upon cruise ships as a  means to supplement their regular income but despite an invitation  by the Island Mayor and others to stop the ship declined the invitation.

The first cruise ship for the season arrives next week.


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Cruise ship Artemis cruise Pitcairn


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