Pitcairn Museum Nears Completion



Sunday 10th April The new museum is nearing completion. All that needs to be done is to finish tiling the floor, some minor carpentry work, finishing cladding a part of one side of the building as materials ran out, some electrical fixtures, then its time for the painters to move in.

The building consists of a large room, which will act as the main display area, plus three smaller rooms. One of these rooms is air conditioned and will probably house the Bounty canon which was raised from Bounty Bay a few years ago.

Smiley, the New Zealand builder, was contracted by the British Government to construct the building. This is Smiley's third trip to Pitcairn as a contractor. Randy Christian and Jay Warren assisted him as laborers on the museum.



Smiley lays down the glue



Randy (left lays down the floor tiles while Jay installs the spouting


The Interior of the Museum

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