Hill of Difficulty Road Reaches the Top!



Tuesday 11th October Finally after two months of battling delays due to rain and bad weather the Hill of Difficulty Road has reached the main road leading into Adamstown. It was almost a sigh of relief but "We've done it!" said one of the workers.

The road runs from the Landing, up the Hill of Difficulty to the top of the hill and terminates at Big Fence. An opening ceremony is planned for Thursday this week.

Although the main part of the road is complete there are several short add-ons, drainage and some tidying up yet to be done. 

Plans are already underway to extend the road to as far as the Square and it is hoped that work on this project will commence early next year.

Below are a sequence of photos as the road advances from the turn off to the Edge to the top of the hill next to Big Fence.






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