Election 2005 


Monday 12th December. Pitcairn Islanders today re-elected Mike Warren as Chairman of Internal Committee, and re-elected Olive Christian, Lea Brown, Meralda Warren and Carol Warren as the four elected members on Council. 

Elections are held annually for the Chairman of Internal Committee and the four Councilors, and every three years for the Island Mayor. Successful candidates commence office on New Years day.

 Currently Jay Warren is the Mayor and is nearing the end of the first year of his third year term.

The Mayor, the Chairman of Internal Committee, the Island Secretary, the four elected Councilors, one or two advisory members, the Governors Representative and one other member (yet to be appointed for 2006) appointed by the Governor are those who sit on Council. Two MDP police officers in what is believed to be a request or a condition of  the Governor also sits on Council.


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