QE2 visits Pitcairn



Tuesday 12 February 2008. The Queen Elizabeth 2 made an unscheduled call at Pitcairn today marking the first time this vessel had visited Pitcairn.  The flagship of the Cunard Line for over 30 years was on its last world cruise before being delivered to Dubai World later this year where she will cease as an ocean going passenger vessel, and will be adapted for her hew role as a floating luxury hotel. 

There was much excitement when the Island first heard the news the vessel was stopping, after all much is know about this famous ship but no one had expected such a vessel to visit tiny remote Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific. 

Although the vessel only had enough time to stop for three hours a limited number of the Islanders were allowed on board to sell their  wares. There was much planning ahead so that minimum time was lost in transferring  people and wares to and from the ship and maximum time gained for trading. 

Organization was brilliant. Officials aboard the ship had prepared tables before hand to  trade on  in the Grand Lounge. They had even organized the  transfer of  wares from the longboat deck to the Grand Lounge, and back again.  

Trading was brisk. Said one person, "I'm sold out!". Said another, "All I wanted was to touch the ships side". 

A number of items were donated by the ship for a community share out. Many thanks to all concerned for your kindness and generosity. 

To all who made this stop possible...Thank You!

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QE2 of Adamstown - photo Nadine Christian


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