Shipping and Medical Evacuations.


12th July 2005 These days when ships are hard to find in Pitcairn waters it is always a concern as to what will happen when someone needs to be evacuation when the need arises. Well so far whenever that need arise there has always been a ship somewhere near by and this week this has been no exception. 

Today, one of the Islanders along with her husband was evacuated of the Island and will spend the next six or seven days traveling to New Zealand on a fruit carrier.

Such evacuations require coordinated efforts from a number of people including the Islands doctor, the Mayor, the Pitcairn Office in Auckland, the British High Commission in Wellington, the Pitcairn Islanders,  and off course shipping companies.

We have been grateful over the years to a number of shipping companies, yachts,  the French navy, and in more recent times to Nigel Jolly and his two ships the Southern Salvor and the Braveheart, all of which had assisted in transporting patients off the Island. 

Today's honor ship goes to the Italian Reefer of the Lauritzen line for kindly diverting course to pick up the patient. 

Also a big thank you to Maconnell Dowell construction workers for allowing us to use their boat when the slipway was closed off to the longboats.

For a video clip of today's evacuation please click here


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