Sunday 13th March. Water has been found at a depth of about 30 meters below the surface of the ground. 

Drilling for water began shortly after a drilling rig arrived on the Island a few weeks ago. A hole was drilled Up Aute Fence, near Flatland, and water was found. But problems with the first hole meant a second hole had to be drilled.

What is not known is the capacity of the water source. It is believed that this may be the source of water supplying the Browns Water spring. If this is the case then it is possible for the water source to dry up during long periods of drought. Browns Water has dried up several times over the years, but this season the spring has been running strongly for almost a year.

The first signs of water.

.The photo above show the first sign of water during drilling of the second hole, just a meter away from the first hole. At first all that could be seen is dust and grit forced to the surface by compressed air, then the sign of dark, damp soil appeared as the drill bores deeper. Suddenly  brownish, slushy mud appear and finally clear water. .

Drilling a third hole is planned probably  in an area next to the School at Pulau.


New Museum now has a roof!

Work has continues steady on the new Museum and it now has a roof. It is hoped the building will be completed in about three to four weeks time.


Interior of the new Museum


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