Concreting of Hill of Difficulty Road Underway


15 August 2005 .After many years of planning and several more of "talk" the concreting of the Hill of Difficulty road finally got underway almost a fortnight ago. 

The road is the main access way to the Landing from the village and has been suffering from many years of erosion including wash outs from heavy rain. 

Many years ago a Christian group  "Youth With A Mission"  visited the Island and had planned to send  a group of engineers, surveyors and volunteers to help concrete the road but for various reasons this was not to be. Many tens of thousands of dollars had been raised for this project but for years the money had been sitting in the bank accumulating interest.

About four years ago plans to concrete the road, a project that was to be funded by the British Government, was about to be set into motion then was suspended because of the investigation into underage sex  on the Island. 

Today, the road is about a quarter complete. By the end of the month concreting of the 3.5 meter wide road should be nearing completion.

Hill of Difficulty Road...


...continues behind Longboat shed...


...and continues a few meters more up the hill.

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