O'Leary Back Home


15th June 2005 After 6 months of repair longboat O'Leary (Tub) is finally back. 

But this time is has a bigger engine. Powered by a 6 cylinder 115 horsepower Cummins diesel O'Leary now has a top  speed of around 10 knots.  

O'Leary being off loaded Southern Salvor.

But no sooner had it hit the water it was back to work.

O'Leary back at work


Pitcairn Cut  Off (almost) from the Sea

The slipway at the Landing has been closed off for repair. Although work will only take a few days to complete curing time for the concrete could mean closure for up to five weeks. 

During this time the longboats would be laid up in the boat shed and could not be launched. But time is at an essence as the Polar Stream is exacted to arrive back at Pitcairn in about six weeks time. For the last three days the sea has been too rough to work on either the slipway or the jetty.


The Slipway at the Landing under repairs.


Heavy seas beat against the jetty

Guard Rail on Hill of Difficulty Road

The first resemblance of a highway was erected today just below the Edge on the Hill of Difficulty road. The infamous galvanized guard rail seen on many highways around the world is now on Pitcairn.  

Here Steve Christian, Randy Christian, David Brown and Hermy levels up the posts in preparation for cementing.

The first Guard Rail to be erected on Pitcairn


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