Human Rights




Wednesday 18th July During a workshop held today to discuss Human Rights, Pitcairn Islanders voted to accept the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). This move effectively would bring Pitcairn in line with at least 10 other British Overseas Territories.

Four options were considered:

1. To ratify the ECHR

2. As above but have in addition to the ECHR Pitcairn's own Human Rights Charter.

3. To only have Pitcairn's Human Rights Charter

4. To stay as we are.

14 voters voted for option 1, 7 voters voted for option 2, no one voted for options 3 and 4.

Pitcairn is already covered under several UN human rights treaties including the ICCPR, ICESCR, CAT, CRC and CERD treaties.

The workshop was organized by 5 core persons and was chaired by the school teacher. 

The decision of the voters would be taken to the Island Council for consideration, who would pass on its  recommendation  to the Governor.


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