Supply Ship Arrives


19th May 2005  The MV Polar Stream arrived today with four container load of supplies from New Zealand. 

With winds blowing in from the North at about 18 knots the ship had to discharge  its cargo around the back of the Island often drifting as far as three miles away. This meant that we were only able to unload about two and a half containers with some diesel fuel and timber and a few miscellaneous items remaining on board. 



MV Polar Steam

Arriving on the Island today is the Islands very first motor car of its kind, a Suzuki Vitari. The vehicle is owned by Tania Christian who is currently away in New Zealand, and was shipped in a large crane. Proud brother Randy Christian  drove the car home to Big Fence where I'm told Steve and Olive were given strict instructions to regularly give a once over with Armorall protectant until daughter gets home.


Randy Christian takes the wheel

Click here to see a video of today's unloading of the supply ship


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