Six Convicted Men Remain Free



Monday 23rd May. The six men who last year were sentenced by the Pitcairn Supreme Court  to various community work and jail terms for allegedly committing rape and indecent assault against underage girls were told today by the Pitcairn Supreme Court that their convictions were upheld and are  now entered. 

Seven men were charged and were tried last year but one man was found not guilty. Although the other  six men were found guilty their sentences was deferred pending a hearing, which was held last month, on generic arguments which included whether British law was properly promulgated on the Island.

Today the six accused lost their case but their sentences were once again deferred pending the outcome of an appeal to the Privy Council which is expected to hear the  case early next year. 

Meanwhile the six men will remain free on bail until the Pitcairn Supreme Court meet again on the 25th of November.

Today's court sat in the Papakura District Court in Auckland and was connected to the Island via satellite video link. 

Several Islanders attended the court sitting here on the Island. A number of Islanders took time of from work and attended the court sitting in Papakura. Former Commissioner, Leon Salt, was present also.



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