More Equipment is Unloaded



Sunday 24th April A cement mixer truck is one of two items unloaded today from the Southern Salvor. The other item is a rock crusher which will be used to crush rock for making aggregate for fill and cementing for the Jetty, Road and Slipway projects.

Unloading such equipment of the ship is not as easy as it looks. First a heavy barge has to be maneuvered into position at the stern of the ship. The pitching and rolling motion of the ship plus the rocking and rolling action of the barge makes this maneuvering a tricky business indeed. Once the barge is in place  huge ropes firmly hold the barge to the ships stern while the stern of the barge is attached by rope to a Pitcairn longboat. On board the ship engineers, with little room to move, carefully position the machinery to be off loaded. Driving ever so slowly the machinery inches its way forward until it drives onto the lowered ramp on the bow of the barge. Once aboard the barge, crewmen quickly attach chain hooks to the machinery securing it in place. 

As a safety precaution a diver stands by in a nearby zodiac. 


Cement mixer truck being off-loaded.

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