Battling Seaweed


24th July 2005 .Before workers could pour concrete on the jetty last Friday hundreds of kilos of seaweed which had been washed in by the sea had to be hand picked out from the steel reinforcing lining the top of the "nose" section of the jetty. 

The seaweed which grows in abundance along the shores of Pitcairn sheds its leaves  around this time of the year and it is common to see Bounty Bay loaded with seaweed floating everywhere, lining the shores where the sea is relatively calm. 

But the seaweed could not stop workers from concreting a major part of the jetty's decking and by dark workers had accomplished what had been planned to do.

By the end of this week work on the jetty should be complete and focus will then shift to the Hill of Difficulty road.


Steel reinforcing lining the nose section of the jetty

Clearing seaweed


Jetty nearing completion


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