Assembly of Equipment



Wednesday 27th April Construction workers and local laborers have begun assembling a rock crusher  which will  see large rock boulders crushed into sizes that will be  as large as a persons thumb to as fine as dust. 

The aggregate will be used in the construction projects to repair the jetty, slipway and the Hill of Difficulty road.

Last month construction workers reopened up an old quarry site by  clearing away vegetation and earth. 

Meanwhile, workers began assembling a crane on the jetty at the Landing. The crane will be used to swing and lower into place heavy steel piles which will be used as sacrificial 600mm (2 feet) boxing around the current jetty.

Unloading of the Southern Salvor was completed successfully on Monday in weather which is unusually calm for this time of the year. A new bulldozer was also amongst the large equipment unloaded.

The Southern Salvor left this morning several days ahead of schedule with  Nola, and Reynold Warren, Victor and Nee Young,  Brenda Kennedy and Smiley.


(Left) Workers assemble a new rock crusher. A new bulldozer sits to the right. (Right) Steve and Travis assemble the base to the crane.


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