Equipment for Pitcairn's Jetty, Slipway and Road Arrives


Sunday 27th February. The first stage of shipping heavy machinery, equipment and supplies to build the Hill of Difficulty road, to repair the ailing jetty and to repair the slipway at the Landing took place last week in an event that lasted three days. 

Most of the cargo was shipped ashore in longboat "Moss", however two larger pieces of equipment had to be shipped ashore using a specially modified barge.

One other piece of equipment, an excavator, was left aboard the ship as it was considered to risky too ship ashore until work was done to further modify the barge





The ship, Southern Salvor, left for Mangareva on Saturday taking passengers including the Deputy Governor Matthew Forbes there to connect to a flight to Tahiti. It is hoped that on the ships return the barge will be ready to unload the excavator.







Southern Salvor of Bounty Bay










Click here for photos on unloading the loader


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