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Sunday 27th March A vessel,  the Lone Ranger owned by a multimillionaire, stopped at Pitcairn for the day giving its crew a break before sailing on to Tahiti. The Lone Ranger, is a refurbished luxury tugboat. 

Charles and Barbara Christian left on the vessel for Tahiti from where they will return back to the US after returning here and staying for about a year. 

The vessel left around 7pm after the Islanders and ex-pats had visited the vessel for drinks and snacks.

Lone Ranger of Bounty Bay


Monday 28th March. The cruise ship Astor dropped anchor this morning in relatively calm seas. Although one of the ships tenders managed to bring ashore approximately 40 of the 400 or so passengers it was decided that sea conditions weren't quite good enough  to continue and the operation was called off.

 By this time the Islanders had already set up stalls at the Landing and in the Square to sell souvenirs. A decision was then made for the Islanders to visit the ship and sell their souvenirs there. So after a quick repacking of wares into baskets and boxes a longboat was launched and we were on our way out to the ship. While we were aboard the ship circumnavigated the Island and trading was brisk but soon it was time to leave. Around 1pm the ship left on its way to Easter Island.


The ships tender arrives ashore (left). Cruise ship Astor (right)


Throughout the week: Work has continued steadily on the new museum with the lining of the interior with trimmings almost complete. All windows and doors are now installed as well as an air conditioning unit. Work on the exterior cladding has come to a halt as cladding supplies has run out. More is expected to arrive on the next ship later this month. A new timber water tank is currently being erected next to the building to catch rainwater runoff.  

The new Museum as of 2 April 2005

Other projects for the week included armoring the seaward side of the road at Bounty Bay in which rocks for armoring the road was taken from the Black Bank area of Bounty Bay. 

Work on the Hill of Difficulty Road has been continuing this week also with the removal of some overhanging ledges and vegetation just below The White Rocks. The road was also widened at The White Rocks.

Several holes has been drilled into the jetty where it is hoped concrete could be pressure pumped to fill in cavities which has developed in the jetty itself. The cavities had developed over time as a result of the sheet piles surrounding the jetty deteriorating away and allowing sea action to wash away the rock fill.


Armoring of the road at Bounty Bay (left). Earth excavation at The White Rocks (right)



Holes drilled into the Jetty


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