Barge Modification


Wednesday 2 March 2005 . Engineers continued work today on adding drums to the side of a barge hoping that this would provide greater buoyancy to unload heavy machinery being shipped to Pitcairn in a multi-million dollar project aimed at repairing the jetty at the Landing, rebuilding the longboat slipway and building the Hill of Difficulty road.

Last Friday a six ton loader and a water drilling rig was shipped ashore on the barge. However, an earth excavator weighing approximately 13 tons was left behind on the MV Southern Salvor because it was considered too risky to ship ashore with fears that the barge might topple over and capsize.

On Saturday the Southern Salvor left for Mangareva but expects to return tomorrow. Once modifications to the barge is complete attempts will be made, weather permitting,  to unload the excavator. If this is successful then the first stage of shipment of materials, supplies and equipment for the projects will be completed. 

The next shipment is expected to arrive later this month.
















Engineers work on Barge