Off the Ground!


Thursday 2nd March. Is it a Jumbo or is it the Wright Brothers? Well not quite but it certainly got off the ground and took flight

Derrick DeGennaro came to Pitcairn last week as part of a two man documentary team to make a story about the Island entitled the Pitcairn Story. What would be  unique about this documentary is that it is hoped some aerial photography would be included. To make this possible Derrick  brought with him a powered paraglider.

Because of the steep terrain and high cliffs surrounding the Island flying around in a paraglider is not the thing just any person  should attempt. There are wind shears to be concerned about or wind gusts from valleys or ridges. But Derrick has extensive experience in flying these things and there should be no problems after a few trial flights familiarizing himself with Pitcairn conditions..

Early this evening, shortly after sunset Derrick  made his first flight becoming the first non-military person in Pitcairn's history to take off and land. on Pitcairn soil. His first attempt drew a small crowd eager to watch the flight

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