New and Not so New Faces Arrive. Some Departs

30 May 2004 

The MV Braveheart arrived early Thursday morning 27th May 2004 with passengers Commissioner Leslie Jaques, MDP police Sgt Steve Miles and Alisdair Blair, social workers Barbara Grace and Laurel Cole, Dr Alastair and Alison McDonald, and public defender Paul Dacre with associates Alan Roberts and Adrian Cook.

Braveheart stayed two for days and left yesterday (Saturday) on a overcast afternoon with MDP police Glenn Craigie and John Graham, social workers Louisa Nercaneau and Kim Bader, Dr Tom Scantlebury,  Grant (Governors Rep) and Tana Pritchard, Noeleen Smyth, Colm Feeley, Charles Maple and Adrian Cook

Braveheart is expected to arrive back at Pitcairn on Wednesday this week stopping only briefly to drop of  some luggage and packages, which includes a new communications system for expanding the bandwidth of Pitcairn's Internet.

















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MV Braveheart about to leave.