Polar Stream Arrives Again


31st July 2005 The MV Polar Stream arrived back last Wednesday morning in sunny weather and calm seas bringing with it cargo which were unable to be offloaded on its last trip here. 

Returning after a month leave was the Governors Rep, Richard, who brought with him his partner. Also returning were Pastor Mike and his wife Anne Browning who had been away for two months on a study tour.

Leaving was Jenny Lock the acting Governors Rep who had returned to relive Richard during his absence. Also leaving was the school teacher Mrs. Maples, but she hopes to return in about a month time. 

Polar Stream off Pitcairn


Miss T

 Pitcairn's one and only land tortoise met up with modern technology last week when she did a photo shoot for the camera. But Miss T was keen to show  that she's not just a slow coach land turtle but E.T and Jaws all rolled into one.  Click here to see why...



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