News in brief for today 3 March 2005

                    Barge Modification Continues


Thursday 3 March 2005 . Engineers continued work today on adding drums to both sides of  the barge and attempts will be made tomorrow in unloading the excavator from the Southern Salvor. Meanwhile the MV Southern Salvor arrived back from Mangareva early this morning in rough seas but by midday the seas had abated. 


Drums act as Bouynacy Tanks on Barge


Barge Modifications Nearing Completion

Work on New Museum Recommences

After several months of waiting for materials to arrive work on the new museum has finally recommenced. The floor and foundation was laid down late last year in anticipation that the remainder of the supplies would arrive shortly after on the next ship. When the ship arrive however, the weather was not suitable for unloading and the materials continued on to Europe. When the materials finally arrived back again the weather was once again unsuitable for unloading and the ship continued onto Tahiti taking with it the needed materials for the museum. After several months of waiting and two attempts the materials finally arrived and was unloaded successfully early December last year. But it was only last weekend that  the New Zealand builder contracted for the project arrived on the Island. 

Work in New Museum

Three Mast Schooner Arrives

A three mast schooner arrived unexpectedly last evening with 16 persons aboard. The people on board are mostly French and are on a two year world cruise. The ship, which is wooden and has an old flavor to it, is on its way to Tahiti from Easter Island and will stop at Mangareva on its way. The 40 meter ship expects to stay until tomorrow and will leave early to late evening.

Schooner LA BOUDEUSE anchored of Bounty Bay

Drilling for Water

Work commenced today on drilling for water where it is hoped water will be found to be used on the Jetty/Slipway/Hill of Difficulty road projects. Engineers have at least three sites in mind where attempts will be made to find water. The first attempt was made near Aute Fence today. Once the project is complete the water will be turned over for community use.

Drilling for Water near Aute Fence


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