MS Paul Gauguin visits Pitcairn




Wednesday 6th April The cruise ship Paul Gauguin with over 200 passengers arrived at Pitcairn today around 9:30am. The ship anchored of the west side of the Island at Tedside as sea conditions at Bounty Bay was to rough for anchoring. 

Except for about four or five people everyone on the Island went on board the ship. Trading began shortly after arriving on board but not for long as a heavy shower of rain had people scurrying for cover. But within minutes the sun came out and all was under control.

Approximately 100 or more passengers, including the captain and some crew,  managed to make it ashore in longboat Moss, in several trips. 

The ship left just before dark taking with it Pastor Mike Browning and his wife Ann who will be returning  to Australia to complete studies in a degree course. They hope to return to Pitcairn in a couple of months when shipping becomes available.

Meanwhile the Paul Gauguin is on a cruise which will take it to Oeno Island to watch the solar eclipse in two days time.

MS Paul Gauguin

Note: The above photo of the Paul Gauguin was taken from the following website:  http://www.flycapers.com/tours/voyages/2005/2005%20Hybrid%20Eclipse/ship.html.  Please visit them for more information about the ship, the cruise and the solar eclipse.


Pitcairn Stamp Commemorates Solar Eclipse.

Pitcairn has issued a stamp to commemorate the Solar Eclipse on the 8th April. For more information please click on the photo below.




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