MV Orion Arrives


Sunday 6th March. The cruise ship Orion arrived this morning following a rather windy night and a very wet morning. 

Approximately 70 passengers braved the mud as they arrived ashore. While some choose to trudge up the Hill of Difficulty in the slushy mud, others choose to ride in comfort on the back of quad bikes up the hill to Adamstown.


MV Orion anchored of Bounty Bay

Luckily the sun came out shortly afterwards quickly drying the roads but not before some of the tourists were seen with muddy bums. Stalls set up in the Square offered a variety of souvenirs for the visitors. A luncheon was hosted  by the Pitcairn Tourist Board much to the delight of  the visitors.


Passengers enjoy lunch in the Square

Because of the slippery conditions visits to places such as Christians Cave was restricted or not possible. However many of the visitors managed the hike to St Pauls to see the famous pool.

By late afternoon the visitors returned to the ship and shortly after 5pm the ship set sail for French Polynesia.



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