Projects Update


7th June 2005 Work has begun on pouring the initial stages of cement work which will eventually see the Hill of Difficulty road fully concreted. The first pour of concrete began last Wednesday but by Thursday morning all work had to be suspended because of rain. Concreting continued on Sunday and Monday.  The first part of the road project is to concrete a water table or drainage along the side of the road which will lead rain water into existing culverts.   So far approximately 100 meters of water table has been poured.


First slab of concrete poured on the Hill of Difficulty road

Loading concrete truck using a conveyer belt 

Workings concreting the water table alongside the Hill of Difficulty road

Water table alongside Hill of Difficulty road

There's one question facing construction workers however and that is to find a suitable  time to work on the slipway. The slipway will need to be closed off for approximately  five weeks effectively shutting of access by sea for the Longboats. But time is limited as the next vessel, the Polar Stream (see news item 19th May), is due back around the 22nd of July. 

Meanwhile sheet piling on the Jetty is nearing completion. Approximately 50 cubic meters of concrete will then be poured in one continuous go which may mean the work will have to be done in shifts.

More supplies including 200 tons of cement is expected to arrive on the Southern Salvor this Thursday.

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