Partial Solar Eclipse Over Pitcairn




Friday 8th April There was somewhat of an eerie feeling as the moon passed between the sun and the earth causing a 90% partial eclipse of the sun today.

The event began at approximately 10:30 local time  this morning with maximum cover of the sun by the moon occurring at approximately 11:47am. The event  lasted until about 1pm.

Although there was light cloud cover the eclipse was clearly seen. Many folks had asked those on the cruise ship Discovery which visited Pitcairn yesterday for solar glasses to view this event. 

The MS Discoverer and another cruise ship the Ms Paul Gauguin , both of which visited Pitcairn, were expected to sail to an area approximately 24 miles of Oeno Island where there was a total eclipse. Oeno Island is 75 miles northwest of Pitcairn


Solar Eclipse of the Sun seen of Pitcairn Island

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