Project Update


9th July 2005 Last weekend, approximately 112 cubic meters of concrete was poured in the nose of the jetty making a solid wall of concrete from the sea floor to just above low tide level. Workers worked mostly in shifts for approximately 33 hours to complete the first and most crucial stage in concreting the wall. 

What made the concreting most interesting and challenging for the workers was that the concrete had to be poured under water. Occasionally surf would crash over the sheet pile boxing brining with it surging water and seaweed. Workers not only had to pour concrete but also from time to time had to clean out sediment from the bottom of the wall before continuing.

Huge cavities which had formed over time below the jetty swallowed up large amounts of concrete almost doubling the amount of concrete expected to be poured.

The second and top half of the wall will be completed next week and approximately 60 cubic meters of concrete will be poured, an effort which is expected to take 16 hours.

Meanwhile workers last week and this week completed concreting the Slipway. The slipway had been closed for almost four weeks while workers laid massive amounts of steel reinforcing and poured concrete almost 500 mm (20") thick. Steel sheet piling were driven into the sea floor and large sand bags surrounded the slipway thus protecting the slipway from wave action while workers repaired the slipway.

Workers lay steel channels above steel reinforcing in preparation for concreting the Slipway

The Slipway nearing completion

The last pour of concrete on the Slipway

Concreting the "nose" of the Jetty

The snout used for pouring concrete underwater


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